13.1 Can I get an injunction?

To be eligible for an injunction you must be an “associated person” meaning that you and your abuser are connected with each other in at least one of a list of ways:[44]: If you are eligible:

  • Download and fill in the application form [45] and make two copies.
  • Download and fill form C8 [46] if you want to keep your address and telephone number private.
  • Deliver or send all documents to a court which deals with domestic violence cases.
  • If you are under 16 you will need permission from the High Court. If 16-17 you’ll need to appoint a “litigation friend” to represent you, usually a parent, family member or close friend.
  • After you have applied you must arrange for the person you are applying against to be told about the application (unless you are applying “without notice”). You will be given a “Notice of Proceedings” which tells you when to appear in court.
  • If you need an interpreter, you should ask for one when you make your application. The interpreter can translate but not represent you or give legal advice.
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