11: Can I stop my children being adopted?

Applying for permission to revoke a final care order or placement order under s24 of the Adoption and Children Act 2002 [36]. You can do this only if: 

(i) the child has not yet been placed for adoption, and 

(ii) the parent(s) can show a ‘change of circumstance’ since the placement order was made. 

If the potential adoptive parents have applied for an adoption order – you can apply for permission to contest the making of an adoption order under s47(7) of the ACA 2002 but only if you can show a change in circumstances. 

Time limits for appeal: you must tell the court you want to appeal and why within 21 days of the decision. 

Post Adoption Contact 

Usually the birth family are not allowed contact with children who are adopted, except via the “Letterbox” scheme where you can send and (hopefully) receive one letter (and maybe a photo) via the social worker. There is no obligation on the adoptive family to send you a letter in response, and even if they start off by responding, they may not continue as your child gets older. But in 2014 there was a change in the lawv allowing for the possibility of post adoption contact. This means that you can ask the court for direct contact with your child, as well as the indirect “Letterbox” contact which is standard. We don’t know of any successful cases, but you do have the right to apply for it [61]. 

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